Completed Projects


Udaan Project (2015-2020)
Partner: CARE Nepal

Goal: To re-enroll previous drop-out girls after one year of catch-up education.

PEAK Project (2016-2019)
Partner: European Union & WeWorld Onlus

Goal:Promote equity and quality early childhood and basic education

PAHUNCH Project (2015-2018)
Partner: UKAid

Literacy Campaign Nepal (2013 & 2014)
Partner: DEO Kapilvastu

Public Finance Management Project (2013-2014)
Partner: CECI & PRAN

Local Governance & Community Development Program (2010-2012)
Partner: DDC Kapilvastu

WASH Program, ODF (2010-2011)
Partner: UNICEF & DDC

Rehabilitating Children and Supporting Families & Communities Affected by Armed Conflict in Nepal, RCP (2009-2013)
Partner: European Commission & BNMT

Fostering Health & Livelihoods of Conflict Affected People, VCP (2007-2009)
Partner: European Commission & BNMT

Primary School Improvement Program, PSIP (2007-2008)
Partner: UNICEF

National Volunteer Program (2007-2008)

Participatory Democratic Initiative, PDI (2005-2013)
Partner: Action Aid Nepal

Social Mobilization for Local Resources Management in Community Forest Groups (2005-2011)
Partner: LFP & DFID

Democracy, Good Governance Promotion Program, PRAKASH (2005-2007)
Partner: Embassy of Finland

Livestock Development Program (2003-2005)
Partner: TLDP & HMG Nepal

Good Governance & NRM Management, SAMARPAN (2002-2003)
Partner: CARE Nepal

Institutional Capacity Building Program, ICBP (2000-2003)
Partner: MS Nepal

Capacity building of Local GOs, NGOs, CBOs & CSOs (1997-2006)
Partner: GTZ & NGO Fund Project